By popular demand, the WAA has a blog and forum!

Let's talk about the blog first. The idea I have for this is that it will be a place to spotlight member farms and topics of interest, perhaps have a humor column, and be a place for member researchers to let us know what's going on in their world. I'm starting out with the idea of taking submissions from all of you because the members are what makes this whole thing work in the first place and personally, I want to hear from all y'all.

Shameless stock photo of a random guy blogging.

Moving on to the new forum (I say proceeded by a heavy sigh.) This one was requested numerous times at the conference this past weekend. I have had this up and ready to go since I redesigned this website a year ago. I delayed in pulling the trigger on it because in my experience, forums can get real ugly, real fast. I want to go outdoors, garden, gaze lovingly at my fishies, snuggle with my kitten, take walks with my husband, and converse with my two wonderful children. ANYTHING but sit in the house and moderate this thing, so I BEG OF YOU, please keep it clean and as much as possible, politic and religion free. I realize that there are issues related to fish farming that are indeed political, but lets not turn this into a "my dad can beat up your dad" fiasco. Remember what your mother told you? It is impolite to talk about politics, religion, or money. Just be polite! The Tami giveth and the Tami can taketh away. I won't hesitate to play mean mom, grab you by your cute little ear and sit you in a corner if you are being a poopy-head. And if you continue your bad behavior, I will cut me a switch. Ken Webb did offer to moderate this and if I can figure out a way to put him on as one, he might be more tolerant, but right now, you're stuck with Mama. I love you all, so go in, talk to each other, learn from one another, and have fun! But remember....

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