The is the 2nd edition of the Fish Hatchery Management book


This second edition expands and updates the original Fish Hatchery Management, and includes advances that have been made since the first edition was published.   Original published in 1982, and reprinted many times, this book has been considered the pre-eminent fish culture manual in North America. Written not only for not only for those with a working knowledge, but also for those who are at an earlier stage of their businesses or studying aquaculture -  it is the basis for successful fish culture operations worldwide and a day-to-day hatchery resource. Like the first edition, the book includes a great deal of information about particular species, but its focus remains on the requirements and practical operation of culture systems. The new edition has been completely rewritten by experts to include major advances in hatchery operation,  practical knowledge about raising high-quality fish, production, water issues, transportation, stocking, open systems, controlled systems, semi-controlled systems, broodstocks and spawning, nutrition and feeding, fish health, and special considerations. and in optimal use of cultured fishes in management programs.  The appendices (61 pages) are not included in the new edition, but are now online:  go to, books, then Fish Hatchery Management appendices. Some are tables and some are interactive spreadsheets, so you don’t have to do the calculations yourself (when using these, keep in mind your fish may not exactly match the data). 

Fish Hatchery Management-2nd edition