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Into the Weeds

So you've already gotten your flippers wet and want to learn more?

Here you'll find links to papers, presentations, and videos done by fellow fish farmers and researchers that dive in a little deeper.

Aquaponic Gardening Rules of Thumb

Yellow Perch Feed Training Wrokshop

12 June 2013

Develop Systems & Diet Strategies to Reduce Yellow Perch Larval Mortality

Marketing and Processing Workshop

May 2015

Influence of UV Treatment on the Food Safety Status of a Model Aquaponic System

6 January 2017

Largemouth Bass Brooder Harvest

15 May 2017

Harvesting Largemouth Bass Fry

15 May 2017

Largemouth Bass Spawning

15 May 2017

USFWS/AFS-FHS Standard Procedures for Aquatic Animal Health Inspections


UWSP/Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility

How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch


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