Walleye, Muskellunge, and Northern Pike Egg Bid

Click HERE to enter the bidder site.  You can view the bid by searching walleye, muskellunge or pike in the search feature. 

Last Chance to be Included on NAA’s
New Culinary Outreach Flashdrive


This is your opportunity to tell your story to chefs that must decide whether to purchase US-grown versus imported seafood.
To help food writers and culinary educators better understand U.S. aquaculture, the National Aquaculture Association and New York Sea Grant are compiling video shorts that tell the story of American aquaculture.  Who can better tell that story than our farmers and the chefs who use the high-quality products produced by American growers?
Please consider sending the NAA short, two-minute videos about your farm and contact information for chefs who routinely use your products, photos and recipes.  We really need the perspective of chefs that buy US-farmed seafood because they are trusted experts that influence culinary students and foodservice writers.
This is an opportunity to help explain different production methods, introduce new species, help familiarize foodservice users with the US aquaculture community and expand our markets. The information will be loaded to custom-shaped flashdrives that will be distributed at culinary conferences, trade events, and chef schools across the country. Companies will be clearly identified on all materials.
For more information, please contact Linda O’Dierno at Linda@thenaa.net or 914-330-7678.

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