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This year we will start accepting requests for agreements no earlier than March 21st, 2023. Please award agreements on a first come, first served basis until the end of the spawning season after March 21st. If multiple requests come in at the same time, please award a share of the available eggs to each potential cooperator. The Department will not issue agreements on waters that are known to be infected or suspected of being infected with Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia. Please refer to this website, to see a map of waters that are in these two classes. Disinfection of eggs is a requirement of the agreement and it would be a good idea to remind Fish Farmers of this requirement when you have the opportunity.


We have instructed the fish farmers to mail completed copies of the form to the local Fisheries Biologist. The Fisheries Biologist is the person administering the agreement as designated in Section 5. The local fisheries biologist should fill out the form and forward to the Fisheries Team Supervisor. The Fisheries Team Supervisor will sign for the Secretary. Please send a copy of the agreement to the Fish Farmer and Ryen Kleiser (Fish Production Manager). See below for Ryen’s address. Please forward requests to the appropriate biologist if you receive one in error promptly. Please read the instructions in the comments of the document!


All records that are to be kept as part of the agreement are due in by June 15, 2023. Please forward a copy of these records to Ryen Kleiser, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources, 2801 Progress Rd, Madison WI 53716. If you have any questions, please contact Ryen Kleiser.


Thank You!


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